Safe Storage, Shipping, Shopping
and Japanese Fan Club Registration service
from Japan operated since 2005!

Since 2005, we have been serving more than 10000 customers in more than 50 countries.

Our Services

Storage & Worldwide Shipping

Get your Personal Mailbox in Japan! Complete support till your package reaches the designated address abroad (or in Japan). We provide support to you in receiving, keeping, assembling, invoicing, packing and shipping of your items.

DANKEBOX - Storage, Shipping, Shopping, Fan Club Service from Japan

Shopping Service

Shopping and shipping service for foreigners wanting goods from Japan. This is a unique service for foreigners who want to buy Japanese products in Japan.


This service has been operated for over 13 years by staff with overseas and packing experience.

We endeavor to ensure that all packaging is handled meticulously by our female staff.

In the main, our customers consist of embassy staff and expatriates, collectors of Japanese products, and also traders who sell products abroad to fans of Japanese merchandise.

Our service welcomes both individual customers as well as company clients. We build the bridge between Japanese and overseas logistics.


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