This service has been operated for over 10 years by staff with overseas and packing experience.

We endeavor to ensure that all packaging is handled meticulously by our female staff.
In the main, our customers consist of embassy staff and expatriates, collectors of Japanese products, and also traders who sell products abroad to fans of Japanese merchandise.
Our service welcomes both individual customers as well as company clients. We build the bridge between Japanese and overseas logistics.



We have started this service not such a long time ago, but we already got lots of feedback from our customers. Reading the e-mails and letters, we constantly strive to improve our service and to adapt it to the needs of residents outside Japan.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know! When I was living overseas, I always had the problem of getting things from Japan. In the United States, Germany and France, where I used to live, you could get food and some things in the cities, but there were still many things you could not get, and in the countryside, the situation was hopeless.

Even big Japanese online shops do not send internationally, mainly because of the language barrier and concerns about handling. You could either ask relatives, which is not very convenient, or just go over and buy all the things you and your friends needed. I wanted to be able to do shopping just as if I were at home, and out of this feeling I decided to create this international sending service.

This company is still young, but the feedback from many customers shows that we are on the right way. People want to be able to buy where they want, they want to have the possibility to get their things sent without having to make many phone calls, they want to have their shopping from different places sent together, and that is what we are doing.






DANKEBOX is a package storage and shipping service for foreigners buying goods in Japan.

This is a unique service that offers a private address in Japan for customers located overseas.
Packages and letters addressed to the customer is received by our stationed staff and stored in the customer’s private box.
Shipping can easily be ordered via our system, and our staff will take care of packing and shipping arrangements as the customer requests. This lets our customers have their chosen package delivered to the address of their choosing, when and how they want it.
You can also use it as Amazon Japan’s return address.



DANKESHOPPER is a shopping and shipping service for foreigners wanting goods from Japan.

This is a unique service for foreigners who want to buy Japanese products in Japan.
Shopping can easily be ordered via our shopping system, and our staff will take care of buying, receiving, packing and shipping the products as the customer requests.
Registration is free and you can use the service anytime.
We can also drop-ship the products to your customer directly.




COmpany summary

Company name:  DankeDankeCom Ltd.

Date of establishment:  04/06/2005

Address:  3-209-12 Horinouchi-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 330-0804 Japan

Capital funds:  3,150,000 JPY




Business line:  Worldwide shipping service / Shopping service

Alliance:  Japan Post / FedEx / DHL / PayPal Inc.



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