Japanese Official Fan Club
Registration Service

You can be the member of official fan club of your favorite Japanese artists!

REGISTER japanese fanclub Registration service


Japanese idol and music groups such as Johnny’s have become popular all over the world.
However, in order to enter the fan club, you need a valid address to receive postal items such as bulletins, etc.
We would like to support overseas members in joining official Japanese fan clubs.


Popular Japanese Artists

Shonentai / TOKIO / KinKi Kids / Arashi / Takki & Tsubasa / KAT-TUN / Kanjani / Yamashita tomohisa / Hey! Say! JUMP / Kis-My-Ft2 / Sexy Zone / A.B.C-Z / Johnny’S WEST / King & Prince / Johnny’s Jr. / V6
GazettE Official Fan club -HERESY- / LArc en Ciel fan club – Le Ciel – / Vamps fan club -Vampaddict- / ANTIC CAFE fan club / Uchusentai Noiz fan club / MUCC fan club / DIR EN GREY fan club -a knot- / GACKT fan club /
Kamijo fan club -Rose Croix- / Hizaki fan club -Grace- / Mejibray fan club / Matenrou Opera fan club -club Matenrou- / X Japan fan club / Exile / B’z / Mr. Children etc.

How to use Japanese Fan Club Registration Service:

1 – Registration & Payment

Fill in the “Japanese Fan Club Registration Form” below and we will register the fan club under your name with your private mailbox address. You will be a member of your favorite Japanese artists!

2 – Your membership card and newsletters from the Fan Club

Your membership card and fan club news letters will arrive at your private mailbox address in Japan.

Japanese Fan Club Registration Service - DANKEBOX Since 2005

3 – Delivery by registered airmail

We will ship your membership card and newsletters (and special welcome-gift if any) by registered airmail from Japan every time your letter arrives.

Over 95% of Japanese Official Fan Clubs require address in Japan!

– You need an address and telephone number in Japan to be an official Japanese Fan Club member.
– Fan Club registration fee and annual fee must be paid from Japanese post office or convenience store in Japan.
– Japanese Fan Clubs do not ship to overseas address.

Our staff will take care of Fan Club registration and forwarding your membership card and FanClub newsletters.
This is a unique service for foreigners who wants to join official Japanese Fan Club.


REGISTER japanese fanclub Registration service


What is the benefit of joining Official Fan Club in Japan?

Membership card

Fan Club member magazine
(4 times a year)

Birthday card

Member only items

*The special benefit depends on the fan club.



Safe Security

Customers’ information will be strictly controlled so there is no leaking to the outside. Your items will be stored in a place that can only be reached to by the staff.

Smooth and Polite Service

We endeavor to ensure that all packaging is handled meticulously by our female staff.

Worldwide Shipping

We will deliver your fan club letters to any country in the world by registered airmail.

Shopping Service

We offer Shopping Service. Member-only items are also available to get.
*Free registration for Shopping Service is necessary.

Renewal Service

Membership renewal is available after 1 year. We will inform you before your membership expires.

13 Years of Experience

We have staff who have been with us since 2005, giving them 13 abundant years worth of experience.
We are providing services to deliver Japanese products to people living overseas.


Service Fee:  19800 JPY

Services included in the service fee:

  • Fan Club registration fee
  • Fan Club annual fee
  • Fan Club membership card (welcome-gift if any) and Fan Club News Letters forwarding fee (1 year)
    *International registered airmail (4-5 times a year)
  • Your address in Japan (1 year)

Renewal fee after 1 year:  15800 JPY

Membership renewal is available after 1 year. We will inform you before your membership expires.


It is not possible for International shipping.
Domestic shipping can fix the arrival date. (Yamato transport)

When you are not at home, you will receive a message from the transport company. You can either pick up the parcel or get it delivered again. After a period of about one week (depending on country), the parcel will be sent back to us.
Please make sure you or someone is at home after placing a shipping request.

If your items get sent back to us, we will ship them again. The following costs will arise:

In case your parcels come back to us, you will be charged reshipping cost.

We will inform you if your things get returned here.

Please understand that we cannot store returns longer than 30 days. After this time, the items will be dstroyed or sent back to the sender.

* Import restrictions vary from country to country. Please check with your customs authorities if you are unsure about an item.

There are many cases where e-mails, especially from free providers such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail have failed to reach our customers.
If you don’t receive emails from us, please check your spam folder.

To make sure you receive important emails us, please add @dankebox.com and @dankedanke.co.jp to your email’s safe senders list.

Please check here for more details.

Japanese Fan Club Registration Form

Please fill in the form below.

*If you don't find the fan club in the list, choose "Others".
* If your country doesn't have postal code, enter * * We will ship fun club newsletters to your address)

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