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Since 2005, we have been serving more than 10000 customers in more than 50 countries.


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How to use DANKEBOX – Storage & Shipping Japan

DANKEBOX - Storage and Worldwide Shipping Japan

1. Shop or Bid at any Japanese sites!

Order at any Japanese online shops or Bid at Japanese auctions. Use your DANKEBOX – Storage & Worldwide Shipping Japan address as ship-to address.

DANKEBOX - Storage and Worldwide Shipping Japan

2. Reception and Storage of your parcel

We receive and store your parcels. You will receive a notification e-mail every time your parcel / letter arrives.

DANKEBOX - Storage and Worldwide Shipping Japan

3. Make a Shipping request anytime

Select the parcels you want to ship and request for shipping. We make safe and tidy packaging, and ship promptly.

How DANKEBOX works

DANKEBOX - Storage and Worldwide Shipping Japan

Complete support till your package reaches the designated address abroad.
We provide support to you in receiving, keeping, assembling, invoicing, packing and shipping of your items.


  • Package storage available!
  • Your packages can be delivered to an address of your choice, any time! 
  • Of course, forwarding to addresses in Japan is also possible! 
  • Save money with batch shipments!
  • Recommended for people selling Japanese goods overseas!


Safe security

Safe security

Customers’ information will be strictly controlled so there is no leaking to the outside. Your parcels and letters will be stored in a place that can only be reached to by the staff.

Smooth and polite service

Smooth and polite service

We endeavor to ensure that all packaging is handled meticulously by our female staff.

Prompt delivery

Prompt delivery

We ship out your parcels within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and national holidays in Japan) after we receive a shipping request.

Collect shipping

Collect shipping

You can order anything at any store at anytime and save money with batch shipments of your parcels.

Shipping request with easy transaction

Shipping request with easy transaction

Our online shopping system is simple to use and easy to understand.

Repacking service

Repacking service

If you choose Repacking Service, we will remove external boxes and cushioning material, as well as the attached delivery slips and price tags to make the size of delivery to the minimum.

Disposal service (Free)

Disposal service (Free)

We will discard unnecessary letters, direct mails and parcels at your request.

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

We will deliver to any country in the world. Enter the customs declaration price by yourself, and we will also help to make invoices.

Shopping service

Shopping service

We can support your online shopping in Japan at your request. Pre-order items are also available.



Monthly Subscription
1575 JPY/ month
  • - 1575 JPY (approx. 14 USD) per month
  • - Storage size limit; 100L
  • - Account available immediately.
  • - Storage with insurance / Reception included.
  • - Shopping service
  • - Not available in China, Germany and India.
  • - You can cancel account at anytime.
3 Months
4725 JPY/ 3 months
  • - 1575 JPY (approx. 14 USD) per month
  • - Storage size limit; 100L
  • - Account available within 24-48 hours.
  • - Storage with insurance / Reception included.
  • - Shopping service
  • - Not refundable.
6 Months
8820 JPY/ 6 months
  • - 1470 JPY (approx. 13 USD) per month
  • - Storage size limit; 100L
  • - Account available within 24-48 hours.
  • - Storage with insurance / Reception included.
  • - Shopping service
  • - Not refundable.
1 Year
16380 JPY/ year
  • - 1365 JPY (approx. 12 USD) per month
  • - Storage size limit; 100L
  • - Account available within 24-48 hours.
  • - Storage with insurance / Reception included.
  • - Shopping service
  • - Not refundable.


Shipping information containing your tracking number will be shown in your account after your parcel is shipped.
You will also receive a shipping notification e-mail.

When your parcels arrive, they will be directly made ready for shipping.
Parcels will be shipped upon payment reception, within 24 – 48 hours (except for weekends).

Shipping by EMS (Express Mail Service), SEA (Sea mail) and DHL/FedEx are possible.
If you want to ship by DHL/FedEx, contact us from the message box.

All items shipped with EMS / SEA will not be treated with special care. Please note that although parcels are insured, refund programs
and insurance coverage for international shipping may differ from domestic ones.
For shipping methods other than FedEx / DHL we cannot guarantee shipping with special care.
Although we mark parcels with a FRAGILE tag upon request we cannot guarantee that this will change the treatment of your parcels.

Available by EMS (Experss mail service).

It is not possible for International shipping.
Domestic shipping can fix the arrival date. (Yamato transport)

In your shipping request, please fill in the value declaration.
This affects the import tax you might have to pay as well as the highest amount the insurance will cover in case of loss.
If you do not know the price of the item (i.e., if it is used or a gift), please estimate it to your best knowledge.

The tax declaration states the contents and value of your parcel in English. It is mandatory for international shipping. Local customs authorities may use this information to evaluate whether tax has to be paid. We are filling in the tax form based on the information you gave to us and will not check it for correctness; however, we will not be responsible for problems arising from misstatements. Please provide the correct information in order to avoid problems with your local authorities.

When you are not at home, you will receive a message from the transport company. You can either pick up the parcel or get it delivered again. After a period of about one week (depending on country), the parcel will be sent back to us.
Please make sure you or someone is at home after placing a shipping request.

If your items get sent back to us, we will ship them again. The following costs will arise:

In case your parcels come back to us, you will be charged reshipping cost.

We will inform you if your things get returned here.

Please understand that we cannot store returns longer than 30 days. After this time, the items will be dstroyed or sent back to the sender.

* Import restrictions vary from country to country. Please check with your customs authorities if you are unsure about an item.

It is possible.
Please note the other person’s name and address in the shipping request form. Shipping costs will be charged for the country where this persons resides.

We are able to ship parcels to Japanese addresses.
We charge you the following fee.

  • Shipping service fee
  • Shipping fee within Japan – Freight-collect by Yamato transportation only.

Customs regulations vary from country to country.
If your parcel got stopped, one of the following cases might apply:

Your parcel contained a restricted item.
– Your parcel will be shipped back.

The invoice got lost on the way
– Please contact us by Message Box in your account as we can reissue the invoice.

The contents has to be specified
– Please contact your customs authorities for details.

We are filling in the tax forms based on the information provided by you during your shipping request. We do not check if price or contents match or if shipping to the specific country is possible. Please declare things to your best knowledge and inform yourself about import restrictions, as we will not be responsible for any problems arising from that.

We will inform you by e-mail if things get shipped back to us. If this happens due to customs problems, we cannot send them to you again. We will store them for 30 days, after which they will be destroyed. Situations like this are inconvenient for everyone involved, so please make sure that everything is correct. You can ask us if you are not sure!

* Import restrictions vary from country to country. Things which can be sent from Japan might be forbidden in your country. If you are not sure about an item, please ask your country’s customs authority before buying.

The monthly fee is 1575JPY.
It is calculated by PayPal auto-payment on a pro-rate basis.


As a general rule, we do not open your parcels.
This is to protect your privacy. In the following cases however, parcels might be opened:


  • If you check the repacking service option in your shipping request (additional charge).
  • If the items are packed in a way that is likely to cause damage during international transport
  • If you checked the collected sending option, we might put your shoppings together in the biggest box if space allows.
  • If the parcel smells, is wet or looks damaged
  • We will check the contents before sending.In any case, we will not check whether the value or tax information provided by you is correct.

Unfortunately we are not able to check the contents of the parcels.
We check only the sender’s information and quantity of parcels.

Excluding these cases:

  • Unknown parcels
  • Damaged parcels
  • When Japan Post gives instructions to check

When using the repacking service (additional fee), we will unpack your items and put them together in a new box.
Compared to ordinary collect shipping, this will save space and weight and assure a balanced way of packing.
There might also be times when parcels put together for collected sending service will exceed size restrictions.
Especially in this case, the repacking service will help you save money!

* There are cases where size and weight do still make it necessary to send items by two or more parcels.

We will not open your parcel but add some wrapping to protect them from damage. This might slightly increase the size of your parcel.
We might put your things in a new box (mostly recycled), wrap them with air cushion or tape, depending on how good the wrapping already is.
We are doing our best to ensure your parcels arrive safely. Trust us!

* For large and over-sized items parcel-like wrapping may not be possible. In this case, existing wrapping will only be reinforced.

You can log into your account where you can safely use our services.
To log-in, use the ID and password you get when signing up.

Account functions

  • Browse your arrived parcels
  • Shipping request
  • Change personal information
  • Check the state of your request
  • Check progress of your request

Click “Forgot password” link on login page.
We will need your registered e-mail address in order to restore your ID / password.
If you have forgotten your registered email address, please contact us from the contact form.

There are many cases where e-mails, especially from free providers such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail have failed to reach our customers.
If you don’t receive emails from us, please check your spam folder.

To make sure you receive important emails us, please add and to your email’s safe senders list.

Please check here for more details.

Please try this troubleshooting checklist of solutions to common login problems.

Correct password?
The password field is case sensitive, so check if you are using the correct capitalization. If you are unsure about or have forgotten your password, please contact us from the contact form.

Extra spaces in login?
Our login system is space sensitive as well as case sensitive, so be careful not to enter any extra spaces before or after your login ID and password.

Are you using the correct ID and password?
Make sure that you are trying to log in to your account using the same ID and password that you provided when you registered. The email and password fields are case sensitive, so use the correct capitalization and do not include extra spaces.

Do you have more than one user ID?

Did you change your password in your account before?

Customer Feedback:

United States

United States

Company worker

I am using the shipping service because there are many things I cannot get here. I am also buying gifts on the web and am very happy to have them sent together. The price is not too high, the service is fast and friendly.



House wife

I was impressed by the number of webshops in Japan. I also like Japanese fashion a lot. So I think I will frequently use this service.



Company worker

I am using this service around three times a month to get books and things requested by colleagues, and I would like to thank you for the fast and safe handling. I was feeling a bit awkward in the beginning, but the mails informing me of the progress reassured me. I will stay in China for some more years, so I think I will use your service again.



I was happy to get food from Japan. It is cheaper than here, and the choice is much better. It also feels good to buy on Japanese website again, a little bit like being in Japan.




I normally buy everything here, but for getting small Japanese gifts, this service is great. I think I will come back here before Christmas.

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* If your country doesn't have postal code, enter 000000.
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