Comparison of shipping method

  EMS (Express Mail Service)  SEA (Sea Mail) FedEx
 Maximum size and weight 30kg/20kg Maximum length: 150cm/120cm  30kg/20kg Maximum length: 150cm/120cm Maximum length: 200cm
 Method of calculating charge  Actual weight  Actual weight  Volume weight / Actual weight
 Speed comparatively fast  Slow  Fast
 Parcel tracking Available Available  Available
 Countries 121 countries All countries All countries
 Delivery to P.O. Box Available Available Not available
 Delivery to hotels  Available Available Not available
 Days to arrival  3-8 days 1-3 months  2-5 days
 Insurance Up to 2,000,000JPY Limited by weight Up to 2,000,000JPY
 Recommended parcels Valuable parcels, Normal parcels  Books Important documents, Valuable parcels
 Non-recommended parcels   Fragile  Food





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